ERC-4337 Documentation

Welcome to the docs! Here you will find guides, references and resources that will help you build with ERC-4337

What is ERC-4337?

ERC-4337 (opens in a new tab) (Account Abstraction via Entry Point Contract specification) is a specification that aims to use an entry point contract to achieve account abstraction without changing the consensus layer protocol of Ethereum.

Instead of modifying the logic of the consensus layer itself, ERC-4337 replicates the functionality of the transaction mempool in a higher-level system. Users send UserOperation objects that package up the user’s intent along with signatures and other data for verification. Either miners or bundlers using services such as Flashbots can package up a set of UserOperation objects into a single “bundle transaction”, which then gets included into an Ethereum block.

Diagram of ERC-4337 architecture Image source (opens in a new tab)

ERC-4337 also introduces a paymaster mechanism that can enable users to pay gas fees using ERC-20 tokens (e.g. USDC) instead of ETH or to allow a third party to sponsor their gas fees altogether, all in a decentralized fashion.

ERC-4337 is still in draft stage and not finalized yet. However, since ERC-4337 will not change the consensus layer, there are already several implementations available like eth-infinitsm (opens in a new tab) and Stackup (opens in a new tab).


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